My reaction to Spirit Bound

Ah, Rose receives a death threat love letter from Strigoi-Dimitri. Well, at least I know he’ll show up soon.

Ew, Rose is already dating Adrian? While she is working to restore her lover back from being strigoi??? I’m sure this won’t become an issue later!

Rose predictably gets the best scores on her final test, and it’s time to say goodbye to St. Vladimir’s Academy. Bye St. Vlads!

In preparing for Prison Break: The Victor Dashkov Edition, it’s time to visit the savvy Mia to get some info. When she learns Rose want to break in to get classified papers, she literally just goes mmkay alright, here’s what to do.”

Rose easily gets the blueprint info, and it must be my birthday, because Eddie is recruited for Prison Break: The Victor Dashkov Edition!

of course with him involved, everything goes smoothly

In Las Vegas, we finally meet Robert Doru. Woot! he’s saying all it takes is a spirit infused stake to cure a strigoi!!!!!1! Dimitri is sav—oh shit, you’re telling me Lissa has to do it?

Eddie almost stakes Dimitri noooooo ; but! Rose knocks his stake out of the way.

Good times as Christian and Lissa pathetically try to stake pillows. LOL, you poor Moroi.

Holy crap! Strigoi Dimitri is serious about killing Rose and kidnaps Lissa. Rose is PISSED.

YES!!! Lissa stakes Dimitri with her spirit-infused silver stake! He is BACK. My whole world goes

On a side note, Christian earns an infinite amount of Awesome-Points™ for his incredible fire skills during the battle.*bows*

Dimitri, whyyyy??? Come on dude, I understand you used to be a monster and feel guilty, but I’ve Rose has missed you soooo much and loves you! Think of that!

Plus, Dimitri’s hero-worship of Lissa has me going

Tatiana and co. pass the dumbass age law. I just think

When Dimitri utters those sacrilegious four words at church

Feeling all hurt, Rose lets Adrian into her room and does something gross and stupid with him *which she before constantly sneered at other women for doing *coughhypocritecough*

As Rose gets angry at Dimitri for not talking to her, he dryly notes the conspicuous bite mark on her neck. Way to go, Rose.

Suddenly, the most deadliest guardians in the Moroi world barge in to arrest Rose!

When she begins fighting them, I go

But then DIMITRI, aka President of the IRHC (Ignore Rose Hathaway Club), grabs Rose away and starts fighting for her, I go

So these guardians—who are supposed to be the best—are getting their asses handed to them by a defensive and angry and very pissed off Russian.

When they say Rose is being arrested for murdering the Queen I am all

Abe shows up like acting like he’s Tony Montana and owns the damn place, then starts dismissing each piece of evidence against Rose. I wish Abe was my father.

Rose is going to trial, but Abe fiercely states she will never face trial, which means we can now look forward to Prison Break: The Rose Hathaway Edition. Get ready!

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